Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Five Sentence Fiction: Armor

"What the hell?" she grumbled, opening the screechy screen door to the muggy summer evening, immediately halting the wild growling and fleshy thumps.
In the week since her husband's death, she'd grown so furious with the the world, so cold, that she eagerly anticipated this chance to unleash her aggression on whatever was fighting in her backyard.
The widow raised her wooden bat and stepped into the night, unsure what she would find. The bat fell from her grasp as the only remaining combatant, a pathetically bloody mutt, whimpered in a small pool of light.
Carefully, she approached the wounded animal, her icy armor melting with each step until she was once again a woman.

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  1. Oh, this is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! Didn't expect it to end like that and loved it all the more! :)

  2. Not what I expected at all, in the best way :) I am with Ruth, this is a fabulous take on this week's word!! So glad you found us!

    1. Thanks Lillie! I'm so glad I found fsf too!

  3. I agree! Didn't expect the ending!

  4. I, like everyone else didn't expect the ending; I was holding my breath as I read, not wanting the cute puppy to come to any harm but sooo pleased she found comfort in the pup. Excellent story. xxx