Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Five Sentence Fiction: Hunger

Thank you Lillie, for providing this "Your Choice" week in Five Sentence Fiction. At first I was thinking, "Huh, what am I going to choose?" But then I saw "Hunger" next to week one and I thought, "Duh!" Here it is:

     “What’d you like, Sugar?” she asks, leaning over the bar to emphasize her generous attributes.
     Something you don’t want to give me, he thinks as his eyes savor her lush bosom, pulsing neck, and ripe mouth, and I won’t ask for again.
     “Hmm…the usual then?” she winks and makes a show of opening the beer bottle. “I’m runnin’ out of patience, Sugar, so why don’t you meet me out back in a few,” she insinuates, trailing a crimson fingernail beneath his chin.
     Five minutes later he’s groaning and pressing her delicious curves against the brick wall as her fangs slip deep into his neck, offering the eternal life he so desperately desires.


  1. Good one. I like a bar that offers nibbles.

  2. This is great!!! Hunger is my all-time favorite FSF word so far.