Sunday, April 8, 2012

Outline? We don't need no stinkin' outlines! Oh, wait...

I stumbled upon an interesting and exceptionally helpful post on Amanda Hocking's blog. The topic: outlines.

Outlines suck (I thought). Outlines are boring (I thought). Outlines...(you get the picture).

Reading about outlines would, therefore, be torture. And yet, after the first few sentences, I was HOOKED. Instant conversion. Outline bandwagon, here I come!

Suddenly, outlining has an obvious (and so necessary) purpose, whereas before it just seemed like a way to confine creativity. I was strutting around thinking, "Pfft...I don't need an outline! It'll interfere with my train of thought. We should just let the ideas flow, man!" (I'm not quite sure why my brain is suddenly characterized by a stoner neohippie)

Since reading through AH's outlining process, I humbly approach the written word (well, maybe only when writing books and shorts...let's not get to crazy here!) with careful planning and structure. Mostly. Sort of. I'm getting there, OK!

Of course, once the outline's set up, there's no predicting whether or not my characters will daintily/jauntily hop over the guidelines. Damn characters...

But really, check it out. Amanda Hocking's The Mighty Outline.

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