Friday, May 31, 2013

SNEAK PEEK! Echo Prophecy Prologue

'Afternoon, friends! So my first solo book, Echo Prophecy, has finally been sent to my amazing editor for copy edits. Such a relief!

Brief Description: 

Echo Prophecy, the first book in the Echo Trilogy, is the story of Lex, a 24-year-old archaeology grad student whose world is rocked when her mom reveals a long-hidden secret: her biological father is not the man who raised her. Instant identity crisis. Unfortunately for Lex, the universe has more in store for her, like making her feel insane with way-too-real, sometime prophetic dreams. Could an explanation for what she's experiencing be found in the man with whom she shares half her DNA? Or, is she simply losing it? In her search for answers, Lex is thrust into the middle of millennia-old battle between beings with god-like powers. Suddenly, a whole lot more than her sanity is riding on the identity of her father. Sometimes the universe can be so unfair...

Prologue (unedited):

I thought I knew people. I didn’t.

I thought I could trust my family and my friends. I couldn’t.

I thought I at least had some idea of who I am. Wrong.

But here’s the real kicker: I never thought I’d be in the heart of an ancient temple, driven by desperation and hatred, ready to kill my own father.

Screaming, I launch myself at him. My rage and sorrow are so great that I no longer have room for any other emotions. Coherent thought is foreign to me. I have one purpose—to destroy my father.

He doesn’t see me coming. He can’t see me coming. I’m moving too quickly, bending time to my will. It’s impossible, but that doesn’t make it any less real.


My father doesn’t have time to finish the question. I’ve already torn the gun from his grasp and pressed the muzzle against the side of his head.

I flex my index finger.


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