Saturday, October 26, 2013

Launch of LADY OF STONE & DARKNESS - my brand-spanking-new reader-interactive and totally free online serial.

Lady of Stone & Darkness is my new, semi-experimental and absolutely free online serial. Every once in a while--I'm hoping to come up with a regular schedule soon, but with NaNoWriMo fast approaching, I don't think that'll happen until December--I'll post a new, chapter-length installment in the series here, and with every few installments, I'll post a bundle on Amazon and Kobo as a "perma-free" novella. And, sometime down the road, once the whole wonderful mess has been edited and tightened up, I'll format a print version as well. Fun times ahead!

So, what exactly is it that makes Lady of Stone & Darknessexperimental? The first two installments are already written, but from the end of the second installment onward, I'll be asking for reader involvement and input as to where the story goes from there. Think of it sort of like an online "choose your own adventure" story. I'm in love with the idea of giving you guys the chance to be part of my creative process, and I'm so excited to share the beginning of Elise and Jidor's story with you!

Lady of Stone & Darkness is a bit of a genre-bender. It's a mash-up of the post-apocalyptic, dystopian, vampire/paranormal, new adult, and romance genres. Here's the premise:
Centuries have passed since an epic cataclysm forced humans and nightwalkers to flee to the subterranean cities of the Land of Stone and Darkness, but to Elise, a twenty-year-old human woman, the City of Night is all she's ever known. Moments before she binds herself to the nightwalker king, her lifelong protector, Jidor, starts making startling confessions. Will she still fulfill her duty and pledge herself to her lord and master, King Usire, as one of his queens, or will she finally find the strength to be the master of her own life? And if freedom is too slippery to grasp, will death be a more attractive option?
Check out the Lady of Stone & Darkness page, where each installment will be permanently archived once it's released.

And here's the first installment: Oathbound.


  1. How exciting! I loved choose your own adventure stories as a kid and I think its a lot of fun when authors use ebooks as a way to do something a bit different from the norm :)