Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Echo Queen SNEAK PEEK: Opening Quote

Hey there, guys! So, as I've been passing through the final pre-beta reader round of revisions on Echo Queen (Echo Trilogy, #2), I've come across a few little snippets that I thought would be fun to share. Whether these little bits will make it to the final version is still up in the air, but sharing is caring, right? :D

The first sneak peek snippet is the "historical" quote at the beginning of the book.

For reference, here's the quote from the beginning of Echo Prophecy:

"Meswett, know yourself and you shall know the gods.
Meswett, trust yourself and you shall trust the gods.
So it ends, from start to finish,
as found in writing."

—taken from the Prophecy of Nuin, Old Kingdom, c. 2180 BCE

And...here's the (unedited) quote from the beginning of Echo Queen:

“…but know this, Heru:
however much time stands between us,
however much distance separates us,
I will find my way back to you.
I will return to you.”

—taken from the Hall of Lex, Nejeret Oasis, Old Kingdom, c. 2180 BCE

Interesting...very interesting...

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