Friday, April 10, 2015

From LF, with authorly love (and apologies!)

I posted this letter to fans of The Ending Series over on the series's blog, but I wanted to post it here, too, to make sure everyone is kept in the loop. 

Dear Endingers,

LF, here. You may have noticed that I’ve been pretty absent lately and that almost all of the Team Lindsey correspondence has been coming from LP. She’s been so unbelievably fantastic the past few months, I’ll never be able to express my thanks for her support and sheer awesomeness adequately. That is an absolute, hands-down fact.

So here’s the deal, my friends. The true, honest, nitty-gritty lowdown. It’s not fun or pretty, but it is real and very honest. My marriage of six years has ended, and the transition period has been…well, transitory, for one, and trying and distracting and trying and surprising and trying and…let’s just say it’s caused a major upheaval in my life.

I’ve reached a fork in the road, and while I fully intend to write and write and write as much as I possibly can (the voices in my head couldn’t possibly allow for anything other than that), there are new potholes slowing my process and unexpected branches crossing the road, barring my passage. A new day job has become a staple for me, not to mention all of the joys and struggles of starting over.

After much discussion. LP and I have agreed that postponing the release of Before The Dawn a couple months is not only necessary for the quality of the story, but an inevitability, considering my new time constraints and LP’s already busy schedule. As always, we want, more than anything, to make sure that the story we deliver—Dani and Zoe’s final act—will be satisfying and memorable. And to do that, we’re going to have to take just a little bit more time. We really didn’t want to, we really tried not to, and we really hate to do it, but it’s what has to be.

Thank you all for your endless support and love of the series, and we apologize a thousand times for the delay.

As always, happy reading!
Lindsey & Lindsey

As much as I hate to admit it, there will be a delay in the release schedule of Echo Trilogy books/novellas as well. I'm hoping to get Echo Gods out by the end of the year, along with another novella, this one taking place between the events of Echo Queen and Echo Gods. I can't apologize enough for the delay. :(

Hopefully this news will make up for it, at least a little: Echo Gods won't be the end of the adventures of Lex, Marcus, and their companions. Rather, the Echo Trilogy will be the first of three trilogies that, together, will make up the "Children of Set" series. While the second on third trilogies will center around another main character(s) and her/his respective love interest, Lex will remain a constant secondary POV throughout. More to come...