Thursday, November 19, 2015

RELEASE DAY: Before The Dawn (The Ending Series, #4)

BEFORE THE DAWN is officially released! 

That's right, the final book in The ending Series is out there, running free in the world, waiting for your eyeballs! I'm so excited to share this book with you all! Here are the details:
A year ago, the Virus killed off most people in the world. 
A year ago, strange things started happening to those who survived. Some of them transformed into something dark and sinister, while others evolved, becoming something more, something beyond human. 
A year ago, Dani and Zoe were lost. They traversed the country to find one another, losing some of the people dearest to them along the way. They fought for their right to simply live, uncovered long-buried secrets, and discovered irreversible truths. And after everything Dani and Zoe have been through--even with the battle wounds that they bear--they're still not safe. 
It's time for the struggle to end, for survivors to take back their lives, their families, their safety. It's time to really begin to live, and to do that, they must wait for the first rays of dawn.
Available here:
Amazon (USUKCA)

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And...LP and I will be hanging out at our BEFORE THE DAWN VIRTUAL RELEASE PARTY over on Facebook today, Friday the 20th, from 3-6PM (PST). 

We'll be chatting about the series, making announcements (oooooh!), running contests, and giving away a bunch of awesome prizes. Hope to see you there!

And, as always, HAPPY READING!!! :)