Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Happy DISSONANCE Release Day, everyone!

I hope you're as excited about the next leg of Lex's journey as I am! And while I'm busily writing RICOCHET THROUGH TIME, the third full-length novel in the Echo Trilogy, this little adventure should entertain you. :)

Alright, here are the details and where you can read DISSONANCE:

This Echo Trilogy novella takes place between TIME ANOMALY and RICOCHET THROUGH TIME.

**WARNING** This novella contains spoilers from the earlier novels in the Echo Trilogy. It’s recommended that you read ECHO IN TIME and TIME ANOMALY first, though it’s not required. 

With her feet firmly planted in the present, Apep no longer a threat, and a pair of twins on the way, Lex is ready to settle back into her normal life—or what qualifies as normal now that her family knows everything about the secret world of the Nejerets, mythic gods of time.

But an innocent daytrip to Seattle feels off to Lex the moment she steps onto the ferry, and an unsettling dream quickly turns into an all-too-real nightmare. When past and future dangers collide, Lex is forced to acknowledge that Apep might not have been the only—or the biggest—threat out there.

DISSONANCE is only available on Amazon right now. It will be available through other retailers later this year.

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